Arts and Craft

Many of our youths of today, some of which are persons with special needs (disabilities) are gifted with talents of arts such as music, dramas, debates, comedy and general entertainment. Some are very creative in the art of craft such as carving, weaving, drawing and traditional dress making. Yet they have a major challenge which is lack of sponsorship to help them produce and display these talents. These are self reliant efforts that will change their stories if some attention is paid. Our arts and craft program empowers such youths or persons by promoting such initiatives. This is to help them display their talents and make their voices heard thus passing great messages and transforming lives. Through this programís activities of education and training, our team brings participants together for better practices of producing and displaying their talents plus getting them involved into competitions through sponsorship. We also canvas for funds to help them establish their own businesses to produce and market their products for a sustainable living.