Culture and Gender Equity

In a society where the culture does not give a balance development is very slow. This is the case in our communities as the culture is not given equal rights to girls and women like boys and men. Our ancestors at their time for instance considered sending only a male child to school, for those who were able. Then female children were left back at home and being prepared for marriage. Even donations from parents such as landed properties, houses, businesses including inheritance were mainly for male children. Majority of our parents saw these practices as a culture and have inherited it. Until today they still live with such mentalities making it extremely difficult for girls and women. Our culture and gender equity program advocates for change of such mentalities or reforms. We sensitize and educate for equal rights to male and female children including men and women. We build capacities of women and young girls then empower them economically and socially. We introduce and support them in entrepreneurship initiatives. We are looking at possibilities of getting funds to help them establish a micro credit to support their enterprises. This is to help them become self reliant through business initiatives thereby advancing sustainable development.