Education and Capacity Building

Our research has proven that the hardship in our communities results from the very high rate of illiteracy. This is because most children grow with very little or no access to education and training. This was the challenge our founder encountered which inspired him with a dream of working to overcome the challenge. This led to the creation of Seed of Hope Foundation. Our education and capacity building program sensitizes and educates parents on the importance of sending children to schools and provides education and training support/sponsorship to children and young people from poor family backgrounds. This is done through our Underprivileged Professional Education and Training Challenge Program (UPETCP) which provides beneficiaries with school needs such as tuition fees, uniforms, didactic materials including other needs to facilitate their education. For those that are not brilliant enough and not willing to further with formal education after primary levels or drop out at secondary levels we send or integrate them into informal education (vocational schools) to develop professional skills and build their capacities to help them do and create jobs for income generation thus creating a sustainable livelihood.