Health and Sanitation

Here we carryout out sensitization and educative talks on important health issues like HIV/AIDS and other STDs for the purpose of abstinence and fidelity. This is to help reduce the high spread rate as most villagers were or are just so ignorant by associating these STDs to native believes. Counseling is done at all levels, social integration and care is equally given to already infected persons and the affected. This is to eradicate stigmatization or discrimination as a result of their conditions. We equally educate and train participants on keeping their environments clean and taking all other measures for eradication of mosquitoes rendering them malaria-free. For Diabetes, Hypertension and other common pandemics we create awareness for preventive measures. We educate and train for care and treatment. We also provide medical support/sponsorship to participants through payment of their hospital bills, purchase of medicines, etc. Here we also promote the consumption of organic food for a healthy living and use our organically cultivated fruits, vegetables and herbs for natural medicinal values. We also cater for persons with mental disabilities and provide them with their basic needs and medical assistance.