What we do

We use agriculture and education to promote sustainable development and progress. But we are not limited to this because we aim on tackling other fields. We have since creation been identifying and working for and with underprivileged people in the four villages that make up Tubah sub division viz: Bambui, Kedjom Keku, Bambili and Kedjom Ketingo. SOHF carries out sensitization and educative talks on important health issues like HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Hypertension and other common pandemics including the cleaning of the environment through the eradication of mosquitoes rendering it malaria-free. We educate parents on the importance of sending children to schools in order to curb the high rate of illiteracy. Our team work with poor families and disabled people to improve their livelihoods through better farming practices. We also provide education and healthcare support/sponsorship to participants.

Our approach of employing on a pro bono basis the services of trained agriculturalists, researchers, health personnel including medics, lawyers, social workers, educationists, economists, environmentalists, sundry artists in music, pottery, carving/sculpture, general entertainment etc seeks promote a range of programs and activities such as Organic and Sustainable Farming including Education and Capacity Building as our backbone. Training in Health and Sanitation, the Environment and Nature Conservation, Culture and Gender Equity, Arts and Craft etc.

We seek to tackle poverty, ignorance and other causes of environmental degradation not leaving out the increasing rate of the abuse of human rights in our communities in particular and the sub-Saharan Africa in general. Without important improvement on the living conditions and livelihoods of the poor especially women of this region, developmental programs will achieve very little or no success. These adversaries we believe can be harnessed if little attention is paid to them. We need a better world for all.